Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is this toolbox intended for?
  • Primarily for automatic evaluation of feature extractor methods on image datasets. However, it can be used for evaluation of any part of biometric recognition pipeline.
  • What do I need to run the toolbox?
  • Only Matlab (2015a or newer). However, some feature extraction methods that are included with the toolbox require Computer Vision System Toolbox to run. If you are writing and using only your methods you can ignore this requirement.
  • How do I start using it?
  • Follow the steps in here.
  • How do I add new method/dataset/preprocessor etc.?
  • Add new function file with the predefined name in the appropriate folder (extractors, databases, preprocessors, etc.). You can find SCAFFOLD files and folders in there which will guide you on how to add your own code.
  • I am free to use AWE Toolbox and modify it?
  • Yes. However, currently we are limiting the use for educational purposes only.
  • Can I use the generated figures in my paper?
  • Yes.